4 Signs You Should Replace Your HVAC Thermostat

Your HVAC system can’t run efficiently if it’s dealing with an outdated thermostat. When this device becomes faulty, it can start increasing your monthly bills and putting stress on your furnace. Watch out for these signs that you’re due for an HVAC thermostat replacement in Lake Anna, VA:

Incorrect Temperature Readings

The temperature sensor in your thermostat will eventually become too old to function efficiently. There’s also a chance it may malfunction if there’s a mechanical issue or due to misuse. If your temperature is fluctuating frequently, compare your thermostat’s readings to those from an indoor thermometer.

HVAC System Keeps Turning On/Off

When the wiring inside your thermostat begins to fray, it can impact how the device communicates with your furnace. It may instruct your heating system to stay on or off for too long. This often manifests as short-cycling or your furnace turning off before it can complete a full cycle.

High Utility Bills

Outdated thermostats tend to put more strain on your furnace over time. This increases your energy consumption and utility bills. To determine if your HVAC thermostat is the issue, you can compare your utility bills from the past few months.

The more your HVAC thermostat overworks your furnace, the more it’ll struggle to produce heat. Ensuring your HVAC system is functioning safely will lower your need for heating repairs.

Outdated Thermostat

It’s recommended to install a new HVAC thermostat about every 10 years. Once the device reaches this age, it’s likely worn out and having a hard time keeping up with your needs. Installing an improved model allows you to take advantage of the market’s new thermostat advancements like programmable options.

Replace your HVAC thermostat soon if it’s increasing your bills or reading the wrong temperature. Contact Priority Air to schedule a professional heating service appointment in Lake Anna, VA, today.

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