5 Signs of Dirty Indoor Air in Lake Anna, VA

Dirty indoor air can lead to various problems. Several factors, such as inadequate ventilation and an influx of pollutants, can be contributing factors. The following are signs that your indoor air quality (IAQ) isn’t as stellar as it may seem in Lake Anna, VA.

Respiratory Issues

Poor IAQ stemming from pollutants, like dust or pollen, may cause or exacerbate respiratory issues ranging from coughing to wheezing. Additionally, many of these pollutants can affect sleep quality since they irritate the nose, throat and lungs.

Uneven Temperatures

Uneven temperatures in your Lake Anna, VA, residence could indicate dirty indoor air. This issue may occur for a variety of reasons, including a clogged filter. Ideally, you should change your HVAC system’s filter every 30-90 days. At the very least, check it every month and change it as needed.

Irritated Skin

Airborne irritants, including volatile organic compounds, could cause skin irritation or allergic reactions that may lead to skin concerns, such as rashes and inflammation. Furthermore, dry indoor air can make your skin lose moisture, resulting in flaking, itching and redness.

Off-Putting Odors

When the air in your home isn’t circulating correctly, you may start to notice off-putting odors. If you detect persistent or lingering smells in your home, it may be a sign that the air is stagnant and not adequately ventilated.

Accumulation of Dust

Dust particles can accumulate in the air and settle on surfaces within your home, including on floors, furniture and bedding. This buildup occurs due to various factors, such as inadequate air filtration, poor ventilation or pets. Three major options to help this issue include opening the windows more often to circulate the air, cleaning as often as possible and changing your air filter regularly.

Contact Priority Air today to explore appropriate indoor air quality solutions that suit your home’s unique needs. Our professional service technicians will do an evaluation to determine how we can help make your home more healthy and comfortable.

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