Is My Heat Pump Beyond Repair in Stafford, VA?

A heat pump repair helps to restore system efficiency, but there are times when it will only extend its function for a short period. Therefore, you may need additional work to keep the system operating efficiently. We will discuss signs that show it is time for a new heat pump in Stafford, VA.

Your Heat Pump Is Short-Cycling

A short-cycling heat pump doesn’t complete a heating or cooling cycle. Instead, it turns on and off multiple times. This phenomenon results in uneven temperature distribution in your home and a shorter lifespan for your pump.

Short-cycling is common if you have an oversized heat pump. The best solution is to replace the incorrect system because no amount of repairs can make it work efficiently.

Your Heat Pump is Old

Unfortunately, your heat pump will not regulate your indoor temperatures efficiently forever. As the system ages, its parts become more worn out and cannot operate as efficiently as when it was new. ENERGY STAR recommends getting a new heat pump after the one you are using surpasses the 10-year mark.

Your Home Always Feels Uncomfortable

You may notice your home is always cold despite your heat pump running continuously. This occurs when you have an undersized heat pump. The system doesn’t have sufficient capabilities to heat your home, prompting it to run without stopping.

Running constantly causes more wear and tear to your heat pump components, causing more frequent repair services. In addition, your heat pump consumes more energy when it runs continuously, making you pay more for your energy costs.

However, multiple issues can make your heat pump fail to heat your home efficiently. You can manage some of these issues with repairs. Therefore, consider seeking a service technician’s assistance to help you know whether to repair your system or get a new one.

Our NATE-certified service technicians will work on your system to ensure you get the comfort you want year-round. Reach out to Priority Air for quality heating services in your Stafford, VA, home.

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